So I am going with a dark and gritty world wear people are mostly out for themselves and work togather not out of the goodness of there hearts but there own enlightend self intrest.

It's very much an us Vs them mentality where the 'others' are dangerous monsters. "Wizards sort with powers beyond there understanding" "Yea so do people playing with guns they don't understand"

It's a game about discovery and the dangers of going into dark places to find what was once known and now is lost.

It's a world on the brink… but on the brink of what? A new dawn in civilization, or a fall into the abyss…

Tomb Raider meets Game of Thrones with some crazy over the top magic thrown in.

The world is a crappy place today. What will it look like tomorrow?

think about it:
Who are you?
Why are you here?
What do you want?


The land is scared and split in many places, but the most dangerous part of the world is the Valley of Mist…no one has ever come out both alive and sane… Some people come out babbling incoherent and unintelligible and some undead come out from time. It is a sight of much historical curiosity. And now, the mist has left the valley… and everyone wants to know what is in there.

What if they through a party, and everyone came?

So what was in the Valley of the mist? Is it an anctiant city of the elves, or dwarves, or gnomes? is it the horrible beast of legend? what lore and artafacts lie within?

Today: It is the year 774 CC (Common Calendar)(1355 GR (Gnomish Reckoning)) (or 2227 EC (Elven Memory)) and the world is coming back from the brink. The world is a fractured place full of petty self interest. A world where 'good guys' still go to war with 'good guys'. A world of magic and technology both lost, and savage almost barbaric nature being all that's left. The fourth age could be the beginning of a new world, or then end of it. The Citadel wants to move this age to a new height one that even the first and second age never truly reached.

The fourth age will be an age of dungeons and mercenaries. A darker game, one where saving the day will take a back seat to building power and getting money… A world of darkness and grey is starting to be a bit better. New small hamlets and villages are being put up all the time, and only the most savage races are still nomad.

Everyone wants a piece of whatever has been locked out for almost a thousand years. SO every major player has sent people to investigate. However there still are very few coming out. So now there is a make shift shanty town filling up with people. People from all walks of life, and all sorts of alliances, plus those poor smucks that hope to make a name for themselves.

The largest 'new' settlement is right on the edge of the western boarder of the valley less then an hour from the pass leading into it. Representatives of four different city states have tried to claim it, and the warlords to the north, but somehow it has maintained. Welcome to the settlement of 'Freepass' and the beginning of a new world…

End of the third age